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The Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church grew out of Cornerstone Baptist Church, which were at that time under the leadership of Reverend Grover Walker, as pastor, it was established under the name of the Cornerstone Mission in 1970 at 119 Green Street, Albany, New York. Reverend O.W. Surgick and Reverend Thomas Jenkins, moderated the service and installation.
There were ten members at the time of the conception. April 1973, Reverend Walker was called to another church, and on April 25, 1973 Reverend William J. Harris was called to Pastor Cornerstone Baptist Church.
September 1974, the Reverend Harris stated that there has to be something done because the church building was in need of renovation, at that time the Pastor and officers started looking for a new edifice, which God gave them at 101 First Street, Albany, New York.

Upon moving to the new location, the membership increased in size. During that time, we were blessed with donations from various members, such as Minister Henry Johnson who blessed us with our first robes for the choir, Ms. Barbara Henderson who blessed the church with a pulpit bible, and Reverend C. A. Everett who donated the pulpit.

After being in this location for several years, the Lord provided a new location and a new name for this Church. The Church was relocated to its present location, 140 Second Street, which is the Old Metropolitan Baptist Church, who’s Pastor, was Reverend Ernest Drake. The building had a fire and was in need of renovation. After receiving permission from Pastor Drake and the Board of Trustees, the Church was taken over by now renamed by God, Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church. God allowed this body of believers to march into this building on the Third Sunday of November 18, 1979.
Reverend Harris continued to Pastor and lead the people as God would direct. Reverend Harris served faithful in this church and community whenever he could and as God gave him grace and favor. In 2001, God in His wisdom and knowledge saw fit to call from labor, Reverend William Harris, to his reward. We give thanks to God for it was He who allowed Reverend Harris to come this way.

The pulpit was vacant for some time until 2003, when the church called Reverend Charlie Riggins to Pastor. Reverend Riggins served until the beginning of 2005. At that time God knowing the need of His people prepared a woman of patience, compassion, and a nurturing spirit to Pastor his people. On May 29, 2005 after meeting in prayer and instruction, Reverend Mary Elizabeth Wallace accepted the call to Pastor this body of believers.

Reverend Mary E. Wallace served with great power and conviction until God in His wisdom called her home on Saturday, April 6, 2019.
Through the blessing of God this church family has worked together to begin the rebuilding of the Wall. We once again have been blessed by our sister churches, who have given to our need. Also, God has blessed with new members who have come in with a heart for the work.
On September 29, 2019, Rev. Janet Harris, was elected unanimously voted to become Pastor Janet Harris of Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church to be installed in the year of our of Lord, January 11, 2020.

Pastor Mary Wallace - In Memoriam

Pastor Mary Elizabeth Wallace was born on Monday, May 24, 1948, in Sanford, Florida. At a young age, her family relocated to Troy, New York.

Pastor Wallace was educated in the Troy school system. She was a graduate of the Hartford Seminary, Black Ministers Certificate Program, Hartford, Connecticut. 

Pastor Wallace had a genuine love for people and a passion for souls witnessing up until she was no longer able to speak. She shared Christ with everyone, from the children in her licensed daycare to the nurses who were responsible for her care in her final hours.

Pastor Wallace was a founding member of the Oak Grove Baptist Church, Troy, New York where her Pastor is the Reverend Jackie Robinson. She served faithfully, laboring in the following ministries; Usher, Deaconess, Sunday Church School Teacher, Director of Christian Education, Outreach Ministries and as an advisor to many other ministries.She was called to ministry and licensed in 1992. She was ordained on Sunday, January 8, 1995, and continued to serve, while faithfully assisting her Pastor.

In July 2005, Pastor Wallace was called to the Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church, Albany, New York where she served faithfully as the under-shepherd until the Lord called her home on Saturday, April 6, 2019..

Pastor Wallace not only served in her church, but also served her surrounding community. She was an active member in the NAACP, Hudson River Frontier Missionary Baptist Association, Inc., Chaplain Services at Hudson Park Nursing facility as well as the Tri-Cities Nondenominational Christian Women.